20 Questions With…. at Ten Pin Alley

20 Questions With….

We love our staff. We even have a book club. Throughout the next few weeks some of our posts will focus on our staff. We hope you get a good laugh out of these as we laugh at each other every day. We’ll begin with the front of the house staff (bartenders, servers, hostesses…) The […]

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George Gets Around

Like most businesses, the first couple hours of the day are spent doing the deposit. Reconciling credit card receipts, counting cash, drawers and so forth. Very exciting stuff, indeed. But every once and a while, I’ll come across a bill with writing all over it – you may have seen one yourself…Where’s George? is either […]

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Mic It Up!

Please welcome the newest additions to the Ten Pin Alley wardrobe: headset microphones! No, we aren’t practicing for our debut as a traveling singing act, but they have allowed us to become more N*Sync. Get it?

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