Ten Pin Alley Temporary Closure Announcement at Ten Pin Alley

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Ten Pin Alley Temporary Closure Announcement

Posted on: June 22, 2017

Updated with comment/statement from owner. The original notice is below.

At Ten Pin Alley we care about our guests and team. Our job is to serve the community to the very best of our ability with the following motto as our compass….

We connect people, we strengthen families, we serve our community, through a team that is appreciated and supported.

Expansions create challenges under the best of circumstances, and unforeseen problems test one’s creativity and fortitude. Our goal is to build a facility that our team will be proud to call home, and a destination the community will embrace as their own.

When we began this endeavor of building a special place for our community, we chose to decrease the price of the beloved Summer Pass from the usual $100 to $85, to offset inconveniences to guest experience that the expansion might cause.

We have always been very price sensitive and work hard to stay competitive with other bowling establishments in town. We have been proud to offer this deeply discounted Summer Pass price for families to enjoy throughout the summer, and at $100 felt it to be a fantastic value.

The unfortunate need to temporarily close Ten Pin Alley was very difficult, with our community and team as the top of our consideration.

While some guests still find our Summer Pass a great value, others have different feelings which have been well voiced throughout social media. Because we want everyone to be pleased with their experience with us, we have come up with what we consider to be an opportunity for all Summer Pass holders. We are extending to all who have purchased the Summer Pass 2 options.

1. If you appreciate the pass and value, continue to enjoy your time with us until the final day of July 30th. Keep the pass in your possession until we reopen, and then bring it in for a free hour on our new lanes and beautiful new center!

2. If you would like a refund for the pass you purchased, simply bring the pass back in before 8pm on Wednesday, June 28th and we will give you a full refund. Use of the pass will be terminated at the time refund is received.

We appreciate your continued patronage and the opportunity to serve our community.

Warm Regards,

Sarah Purdy
Owner, Ten Pin Alley

Dear Guests,

As many of you are aware, Ten Pin Alley is growing. We are very excited about the upcoming changes and equally excited to share with all of you – our guests – these new additions, activities and options that will be available once renovations are completed.

We have received much positive feedback. Those who already consider us a destination for fun and entertainment for their families will be happy with what is coming. Rest assured that while much will be changing physically, our personality, quirkiness and attention to service and a focus on quality experience will remain the same.

With all growth however, there come challenges and unexpected delays. Construction has
begun, but in order to meet our deadline of early November we will be closing on Sunday, July 30 – that Sunday will be the last day we are open until our grand reopening (exact date TBA).

If you have not purchased it yet, sales of the summer pass will continue, however you have until July 30 to get in here as often as you want to take advantage of this awesome program. We did reduce the price this year to compensate for any unforeseen obstacles or delays in the use of your pass. Now that we know we wanted to get the word out as quickly as possible so you can enjoy some summer bowling. Current pass holders have until then to continue using your pass as often as you’d like.

But be sure to hang on to your passes! We will offer summer pass holders some special offers and have some fun once we reopen later this year. Also, don’t think we’re going to go silent while we’re closed. We’ll be keeping you all updated on the construction with behind-the-scenes pics, email updates and more.

We appreciate all of your patience throughout this process.


The Staff and Management of Ten Pin Alley