New Movie Screens! at Ten Pin Alley

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New Movie Screens!

Posted on: March 9, 2016

If you hadn’t noticed, bowling centers aren’t exactly what they used to be. No smoking, computerized scoring, comfy seating (for the most part) and more entertainment options.

At Ten Pin Alley we are always trying to keep our customers happy and entertained. Whether creating and offering the popular summer bowling pass to keeping our food a cut above the rest; we strive to entertain and serve.

Last week we installed three, 12’ retractable screens above the lanes. For the past few days they’ve been in use and if you’ve seen them in action…well, we think they’re pretty cool and we hope you agree.


To be fair, many newer centers do feature screens – typically at the back where the traditional “masking unit” is found. Our screens are further out and raise and lower directly above the lanes. You can see them better and we plan to use them for more than showing ESPN all day.

Currently during weekend bowling and then full time in the summer, the screens will feature music videos from today’s most popular artists. Customizable play lists will allow us to offer different types of age appropriate music depending on the time of day and audience, and you will be able to request songs during certain times and events.

What we’re most excited about is that we’ll be using these not just for music but also to create unique events revolving around movies and perhaps TV shows. Once things really start rolling keep an eye out for cult movie nights and other packages revolving around seasonal movies, TV shows and sporting events.

So stop in and dance to your favorite videos, cheer for your favorite teams, laugh and scream with your favorite movies all while spending time bowling with friends and family!